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You may need clarification on the Product Selection available as you consider buying window treatments. What standards do you use to make a decision? Initially, purchasing the ideal window treatments could seem stressful.


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Which Product Selection will offer the best window solution and give you the space management you need?


Simple yet resilient sunshade options. Shades are practical and affordable window coverings. There are countless combinations of materials, textures, and functions.

  • Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades have various practical operating systems, are affordable and energy-efficient, are simple to clean, and have different color and fabric options.

  • Roller Shades

Roller shades can cover big windows, are simple to maintain, and are simple to use. Fabric, Screen, and Light Opacity are a few possible design choices.

  • Roman Shades

These hues soften spaces while showcasing materials that are functional and design-flexible. You can choose the following styles: Flat, Cascade, Baton Front/Back, Hobbled, or Flat Tiered.

  • Sheer Shades

With the most flexibility and control over lighting opacity, sheer shades soften a space, giving every area an opulent and sumptuous appearance.

Window Shutters

Due to the variety of available alternatives, shutters are widely considered among the most effective custom window treatments. Counting the number of paints and stains available is impossible, and there is an overwhelming variety of each. Depending on your preference, you can obtain a stunning design with either natural wood shutters or shutters made to seem like wood. Because there are so many design options, installing custom window shutters in your home boils down to taking your ideal home and turning it into a reality.

Draperies and Curtains

These stunning window treatments will elevate the look of any room in your home. There is a tremendous variety of styles and hundreds of accessories to complement those types. You can either work with the beautiful interior design you currently have or begin from scratch in a brand-new home. Curtains and drapes made to order allow virtually any pattern to be fabricated. You can keep it classic by hanging floral fabrics from wooden curtain rods or giving it a contemporary update using stylish accessories and colors. No matter your sense of style, you may bring luxury into your house by beginning the design process with bespoke curtains and drapes.

  • Ripple Fold

A track system with ripple fold bespoke draperies is a sleek, opulent version. From one end of the track to the other, the way is covered in gentle, ripple-like folds that are evenly spaced.

  • Pleated

Since the pleats go all the way to the top of the panel, this exquisite drapery technique creates the appearance of length. The Euro Pleat Drape is the ideal synthesis of traditional and contemporary.

  • Grommet/Pocket

The top panel is stitched with pocket drapes to create a pocket that a rod can slide into. Curtain rods slip through rings on grommet drapes. The best settings for these drapes are informal ones.

  • Recommended Treatments

Valances, soft cornices, soft-sculpted boxed valances, and imitation Roman valances are the top treatments. Top treatments provide the finishing touch to bring design ideas to life.


Blinds are a form of window covering that can be opened and closed using various methods and offer an almost infinite number of design options. The slats of a conventional blind are made of material and can be adjusted by rotating from an open position to a closed state where the slats overlap. With 3 Blind Mice, the material possibilities can range from aluminum to wood to composite faux wood, and the orientation can be either vertical or horizontal. In addition, we can motorize your blinds in their entirety and synchronize them with your home automation system.

  • Wood Blinds

Any space can benefit from the elegance, rich warmth, and increased insulation of premium hardwood blinds. They will even appear and feel comparable to plantation shutters but will only cost a fraction of what the real thing would.

  • Composite Blinds

Even while the vast majority of manufacturers promote their aluminum products’ rustproof qualities, some may rust over time if they come into prolonged contact with moisture. For this particular case, a composite product such as vinyl or faux wood blind is an excellent choice and economical solution for bathrooms.

  • Aluminum Blinds

Because the material can withstand prolonged exposure to heat and direct light without warping, aluminum blinds are an excellent option for spaces that receive significant sunlight. Aluminum blinds are the best option for any room, even the ones that get the most sunlight.

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