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Controlling the amount of light and privacy in your house with Window Treatment Motorization is a modern and practical option. These treatments let you open and close blinds, shades, curtains, and drapes by simply pressing a button. They provide a simple way to change the amount of natural light and privacy in any area, and they can be set to work on a schedule or with smart home devices. To satisfy any esthetic or practical necessity, motorized window coverings come in a range of designs, materials, and hues. They are perfect for persons with mobility challenges, high ceilings, and difficult-to-reach windows. Reducing heat absorption and loss through windows is another way motorized window treatments can improve energy efficiency. Overall, they offer simple control over your living area while being a stylish and classy approach to upgrading the interior style of your home.

Empire Custom Windows, one of New York’s top window treatment shops, is happy to provide motorized window treatments to its five boroughs-based clientele. Every client we work with receives amazing results because of the professional window coverings our designers use to fulfill their needs for both style and utility. The motorization option is one of our most well-liked selections; it’s an innovative function that simplifies operating drapes and shades.

Explore our Window Treatment Motorization

Motorized Shades

Motorized window coverings offer a modern answer to an issue that has existed for centuries. When you have motorized window shades, you may use a remote to regulate when the shades open and close, giving you more or less control over the amount of light that enters your home.

Professional electricians are on staff at Empire Custom Windows, where we can install and program your electric roller blinds. This service includes the installation of wiring, remote controls, and wall switches, as well as patching and paint touch-ups. In addition to providing your home with an updated and more contemporary appearance, this feature allows you to manage the amount of light in a room and the level of privacy it provides at the press of a button.

Motorized Drapes

Opening and closing curtains on tall windows or in a space with numerous windows can be challenging. Empire Custom Windows offers electric curtains from the most reputable window treatment brands as a practical solution.

Motorized draperies can be controlled via remote control, a wireless wall switch, or digitally from a smartphone, tablet, or computer, so say goodbye to tangled or unreachable connections and strings. With the push of a button, even the thickest curtains can be opened and closed. For one curtain or numerous curtains, you can set the position and speed of some systems to operate at specific times of the day.

Whether it’s a hard-wired motorization system, a wall-mounted switch, or a remote control, Empire Custom Windows has professional electricians who can install and program the controls for your electric window treatments. We even patch and touch up paint to ensure that your wall looks exactly as flawless as before.

Electric curtains will give your home a modern look and a practical, energy-efficient way to control light and privacy. With our wide selection of materials and styles, we will indeed have what you’re searching for to fit your style, whether unique or classic, vintage or modern

Motorized Blinds

Do you need a new window treatment for your house, apartment, or place of business? Consider automatic blinds a thought. With the help of our cutting-edge motorized blind technology, you won’t have to reach for awkwardly positioned windows to operate your blinds. We advise using smart blinds for older people, families with young children, and those with disabilities because they make working your windows painless and safe.

By pressing a single button, you may simultaneously operate all of your electronic blinds and open your windows. Since using stools and step ladders can be hazardous and time-consuming, we frequently suggest that our clients switch from manual systems to remote-control and motorized blinds.

Motorized Skylight Shades

Motorized skylight shades are the perfect solution for most residences in New York City, given that these windows are typically difficult to access. We can create custom collections of motorized skylight blinds for your ease and convenience. We have extensive experience in the production and implementation of individualized system configurations.

Take advantage of all the positive aspects of installing a skylight without any associated drawbacks. Set the finishing touches on the aesthetic of your property. Our skylight shades are offered in a wide variety of color choices, in addition to textiles that offer blackout and light filtering options.

Maintain the ideal atmosphere throughout the day!

Empire Custom Windows install motorized window coverings. To ensure you always have the exact amount of natural light you want, you can configure your automated window coverings to open and close at certain times of the day. Additionally, you won’t have to leave the comfort of your sofa to change the lighting thanks to remote-controlled blinds and shades that you can open and close with a button and can control Window Treatment Motorization using a Smartphone or other devices.

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