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Empire Custom Windows excels in delivering a diverse array of window treatment options, including motorized window shades. Introducing revolutionary shades that grant instant control over light and privacy with a simple button press. Our expertise extends to seamless installations and exceptional service, catering to Texas’ residential and commercial clientele.

Motorized Window Shades

Problem Solved

Are you tired of constantly adjusting window shades? Empire Custom Windows has the perfect solution—motorized shades. Effortlessly control light, privacy, and ambiance with a touch—no more tangled cords or manual hassle. Motorization technology allows easy raising, lowering, and tilting of shades using a remote or switch.

Imagine opening your shades from bed, welcoming gentle sunlight. Close them easily for privacy and coziness. Enjoy complete control at your fingertips.

Motorization is perfect for large or hard-to-reach windows—no more straining. Silent motors ensure smooth operation. Set desired light and privacy effortlessly in every room.

Advanced programming options let you schedule shade adjustments throughout the day. Enhance convenience and energy efficiency. Maximize natural light, and reduce reliance on artificial lighting and climate control.

Empire Custom Windows offers luxury and convenience. Cutting-edge technology ensures reliability, durability, and seamless operation. Customize fabric, color, and design for the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Transform your space with motorized window shades. Solve manual adjustment problems. Elevate convenience and sophistication in your living areas.

Experience the ease, comfort, and elegance of motorized window shades. Let us enhance your everyday life with convenience and style.

How it Works

At Empire Custom Windows, we bring you cutting-edge advancements in motorization technology, providing you with effortless control and automation for your window shades. Our process ensures a seamless, user-friendly experience that enhances comfort and convenience. 

Discover the revolutionary motorization tech—effortless control, enhanced comfort, and functionality for your window shades. Remote smartphone integration, customization, and programmable settings create a seamless, intuitive, automated, and luxurious home experience with Empire Custom Windows.

Why Choose Us

Service Area: New York

Empire Custom Windows passionately caters to New York customers, providing top-notch motorized window shade services in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island. From urban landscapes to suburban havens, we empower your space with automated window shades.

Contact Us

Discover the realm of motorized window shades—contact us for inquiries or consultations at +1 347-277-2134 or +1 718-747-4438, or email arcarpetandwindows@gmail.com. Our team offers expertise, guidance, and a personalized selection and installation experience. Embrace the convenience, comfort, and sophistication of Empire Custom Windows’ motorized shades.