Aluminum blinds redesign the feel of your home or office with the most impressive light-blocking action available in window coverings. Aluminum blinds are a staple of modern City furnishing, and for valid reason. Clean, crisp, and classic, they fit into the decor of any bedroom, office, or other room with ease. Aluminum blinds have the durability that no other blinds can compare. They can take anything you have to offer with-out compromising style. They are made from our exclusive Kid Proof spring-tempered alloy; these blinds are available in an extensive range of colors, textures and finishes. Plus, you’ll find unexpected extras like hidden control systems, built-in valances and concealed mountings. If you want a guaranteed good-looking yet functional set of window furnishings, aluminum window blinds are a perfect choice.


Aluminum window blinds are in general Venetian blinds, one of the most popular home additions since their popularization in the past few years. This style consists of a series of thin slats which can turn upwards to let in the desired amount of light, and can be raised and lowered by pulling a cord. When lowered, they either cover the window to prevent light coming through or are turned to allow light to come in between the slats. When raised, the slats nest together to disappear into the top of the window.
Aluminum blinds present an attractive modern style, yet are some of the most functional blinds on the market; although they have been around for ages, continue to evolve. They are appropriate for both traditional and modern spaces, they are affordable and (believe it or not) they can be fashionable. They are highly adjustable, perform well at insulating, and are both affordable and durable, making them one of the best value styles of blinds on the market.
Aluminum blinds can be very durable, especially if you purchase blinds of good quality. In addition, they are resistant to moisture, making them a good choice for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Some manufacturers also make their aluminum slats from up to 95% recycled metal, which is a great use of resources.


• Durability: Durability is one of the most exclusive factors of aluminum blinds. Unlike other types of blinds, aluminum is durable. It bends instead of breaking, and it’s hard to damage. Even if they’re damaged, it’s easy to repair one or several slats in a set of aluminum blinds. One set is all it takes to guarantee years of easy control over your home’s lighting and decor.
• Affordability: Cost is an important consideration when choosing home furnishings. Thanks to their straightforward construction, aluminum window blinds are some of the most cost-effective home furnishing options around. Plus, with the energy costs saved, over time the blinds could even pay for themselves. This value comes from the relatively straightforward production of the blinds and the simple installation in any window.
• Modern style: While more traditional materials can certainly be attractive, aluminum window covers are the right choice for a more modern style. Their simple style is perfect for a clean, minimalist atmosphere, but their range of options makes them seamless additions to any interior
• Efficiency: Aluminum window covers are fantastic insulators. Instead of absorbing and moving heat around, they reflect the energy of the sun, keeping your home cool in the summertime. And in the winter, they keep heat from exiting through your window, the most common source of home energy loss.
• Ease of use: Aluminum window covers combine simple elegance with high functionality. Letting the sun in or keeping the room dark is as simple as twisting a rod, and raising or lowering the blinds is a quick pull of a cord. Unlike some wooden or cloth blinds, aluminum blinds are simple to reposition, either by hand or by remote-controlled motor. They’re also easy to clean: aluminum blinds just take seconds to wipe down for dust.
• Range of options: Today there are plenty of options for aluminum window blinds. The individual slats range in size from about a half inch to two inches, and you can find sets to fit any window. In addition, aluminum blinds come in a rainbow of color options, perfect to fit any interior decor.


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