Commercial blackout shades enhance the functionality of work spaces, and provide room darkening, privacy and ambient light control. Find dependable, functional, and affordable commercial blackout window coverings that fit perfectly in commercial business spaces. Consider mini blinds, solar shades, or vertical blinds as affordable options and many more.

Commercial Blackout Window Shades are ideal for:

Conference rooms: Enhance media viewing and presentations in small conference rooms and large meeting rooms alike. Optional side tracks increase the level of room darkening where needed.

Rooms with glass walls: Boardrooms, offices and similar spaces with glass walls facing common areas, factory spaces or other higher traffic spaces may require privacy sometimes. Commercial blackout shades provide complete privacy to the interior when it is required, and can be retracted when no longer needed to preserve the openness and view in the building design.

Video training areas and screening rooms: Wherever video is being presented to an audience, blackout shades with side tracks allow nearly all light to be blocked. Informational video screening rooms at National Park visitor centers, museums, and other attractions can benefit from our audio-visual blackout shade systems. Simply move the shades up to increase natural light when video isn’t being viewed.

Schools: Large rooms in schools, universities and other educational facilities often do double duty, requiring room darkening for presentations and media viewing, and daylight at other times. Blackout shades meet this need alone, or in combination with solar shades as part of a dual shade system.

Hospitals: Hospitals, surgical centers, dental offices and other health care facilities need patient privacy, and may need room darkening for patient rooms. Hospital blackout shades can be lowered when needed and raised when not needed.

Hotel rooms: In the hospitality industry, guest privacy is paramount, and room darkening essential for any guests resting during the day. Manual or motorized blackout shades bring a clean lined solution to hotel rooms, with a sophisticated, updated appearance. Blackout roller shades can be paired with either draperies or solar shades as part of a dual shade system for complete light and privacy control for guests. Ballrooms with windows may require blackout shades for room darkening, with easy remote control operation.

Drive-through, ticket and teller windows: Blackout shades enhance security for windows where customers interact with employees, and make it clear when the business is closed. Printed blackout shades in these applications can take advantage of the space, featuring business hours of operation and logos.