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Bamboo Blinds are now found in every environment shape and color. Be it building timbers or cutting boards, the hardwood qualities and attractive appearance of bamboo is turning heads. Window blinds are no exception. Looking at the natural, tropical feel of bamboo is naturally well suited to use as a window treatment. It is helpful to know your new bamboo blinds are as easy for the environment as they are on your eyes when you kick back and enjoy your new shades.

While you will find varying styles of blinds to choose from once you start shopping around, the variations have more to do with the width of the bamboo slats and the method in which the shade is raised and lowered than anything else.

Beyond style, you also have some choices to make when it comes to color. Bamboo blinds come in a wide variety of tones and colors, that include natural looking bamboo to darker burnt and smoked bamboo. Bear in mind that many bamboo shades change color over time and are manufactured with that in mind. This means that appears green now will turn a beautiful golden brown in a year or two.

Most homeowners choose bamboo blinds because of their classic look, but it doesn’t hurt that bamboo as a material has risen to prominence as a green material in this time of environmental uncertainty. Harvesting bamboo is a much more sustainable endeavor than cutting down a hardwood tree if you want the soft touch of wood blinds. If you’re at all concerned about the environmental impact of your purchases, buying bamboo a smart and environmentally conscious choice.

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