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In-Home Consultation and Design Services

Empire Custom Windows is the place to go if you want your ideal window style realized. We are pleased to provide this one-of-a-kind service as we understand the significance of window coverings in improving the aesthetic value of your property. When in-home consultation and design services are produced, every customer’s desires and preferences are considered. That way, no matter where you go in your home, each window will reflect your personality and taste. The experts will show up at your property armed with their expertise and impeccable taste. Embark on a trip with us to enhance the beauty of your home’s windows.

What are In-Home Consultation and Design Services?

An unparalleled method of window decoration is available through Empire Custom Windows’ In-Home Consultation and Design Service in Nueva York. The first step is to schedule a time that is convenient for you for our specialists to visit your house.

Upon arrival, our specialists will survey the space and get a better sense of your preferred aesthetic. They tailor their advice on styles, materials, and functionality to your specific requirements. During the initial consultation that is included in this service, you can discuss your alternatives without paying anything.

Any additional expenses incurred due to increased design work or product sales are transparently stated. That way, everything will go according to plan, and you’ll be happy with the results.

Benefits of Personalized In-Home Consultation and Design Services

Empire Custom Windows’s biggest feature is the personalized in-home consultations they provides. To ensure that your window coverings complement the room’s decor, our advisors provide individualized assistance by taking into account the room’s lighting and layout. Thanks to this service, you may receive expert assistance without ever having to leave your house, which is a huge boon.

Which styles will be most effective can be something other than a guessing game. You may also envision the final result with relative ease. Seeing models in person is the best way to get a feel for how various treatments will appear in your space. Use this information to make an enjoyable and informed decision.

Our Expert In-Home Consultation and Design

Our team of design specialists is the backbone of Empire Custom Windows’ excellent service. Everyone on the crew is an expert when it comes to window treatments and interior design. They know exactly what works and what does not work when it comes to taste, too.

Our advisors are there to aid you in finding whatever you are looking for or need. They approach every project with their imaginations and technical know-how, ensuring that there is no replication and also being relevant to your area.

They invest much time and energy into realizing your dream of having the most suitable window curtains that are as unique as your style.

How Can We Help You Choose the Best Treatments?

Empire Custom Windows recognizes that window coverings are not all about looks. Efficiency is also another critical aspect that determines their level of efficiency and effectiveness. Our wide range of blind and curtain choices ensures that multiple tastes and preferences are addressed.

Our experienced staff will evaluate issues such as insulation, privacy, and light control and help you make a final decision that is most suitable for your specific needs. Besides directing in choosing items suited for your interior, they also provide useful advice in the process.

With our window curtains that are both beautiful and practical, you can have a bold choice or a subtle match for your décor.

The Empire Custom Windows Advantage

Selling is one of many things Kingdom Custom Windows does. What we do is excellent. Every one of the window coverings we sell has been meticulously crafted to ensure they will endure for years to come. We aim for client excitement, not only happiness.

Our strong post-installation assistance ensures complete peace of mind, as we remain devoted to you even after the transaction. Once our work for you is over, our friendship with you will last a lifetime. What makes Empire Custom Windows unique is the approach we take.

Ensuring client satisfaction and offering lasting assistance are our top priorities. All of these factors will enhance the time you spend with us.

Real-Life Success Stories

Success stories from satisfied customers tell Empire Custom Windows’ story. Their windows weren’t circular, which caused problems for the Johnsons. During our in-home consultation, we worked with them to develop custom blinds that would complement their house. Their home’s worst flaws become its finest features thanks to these blinds.

However, the Andersons had to take action over the excessive sunlight entering their living room. The staff here suggested some lovely shades that would act as a light filter while letting in enough natural light. We tailor our assistance to each client’s unique needs in order to help them achieve their home improvement goals while also making their space more functional and aesthetically pleasing.


On a final note, the in-home consultation and design service offered by Ventanas personalizadas Imperio goes beyond being a mere convenience. It’s a means to bring your ideal house back to its original appearance. With our personalized service, we can tailor window coverings to your exact specifications, ensuring that they are aesthetically pleasing and functional for your space. Stop daydreaming and start doing what it takes to have the greatest home design. Arranging your meeting is the first step in making a difference immediately. For further information or to arrange a visit, you may reach us at 347-277-2134. The doors you’ve always wanted are about to open!

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